Google Gives Out Best Android Apps of 2012

If you are a Google user fanatic and loves to use Google’s desktop applications, it is certainly at your pleasure to be using these same applications that you like directly on your Android phone. Smartphone devices are now graced with the availability of the different Google applications that used to be accessible on desktop only and more! Here are some of the best Google apps on Android in 2012 that are worth featuring in this article.

Break the language barrier with this genius Google application on your Android device. The application supports more than 65 languages and support 17 languages for translating by using your voice than typing the word. If you want others to read the translation you can opt to display it on full screen mode. The Google translate application allows you to access your translation history offline and allows you to view dictionary results for short phrases. You can also spell out the translation of non-Latin texts into Latin characters to read it phonetically. This is a free application that makes communication better using different languages on Android phone.

Enjoy this free app for Android that allows you to explore distant places and to acquaint yourself to places you wish you could visit. Use the application to search for business locations, places and cities. You can use a voice command to make the search. Google earth is capable of showing layers of roads, maps and can take you to a city tour in its Earth Gallery setting. With this virtual tour, you will no longer feel estranged to a distant place that you have never visited before. Enjoy quality photos and imagery on high definition. 

Do you want to search for places, contacts and locations from your Android phone but you cannot do so by typing? Google voice search can do the task for you. Have a better control when using your cellular device with this Google Android app. Whether you want to search for your contact, place a call, locate for places or get direction while driving without being distracted, you can use Google voice search to do these searches for your convenience. 

Google currents 
Get updated on the latest publication, news and fashion trends while on the go with your Android phone. This Google app brings to your mobile a magazine-like edition on the latest updates about your favorite publications like The Guardian, Forbes and many others. Get the latest breaking news directly on your Android phone and save them for later reading even when you are offline. It also embraces the Google translate technology that allows you to enjoy reading the news in different languages. 

Gmail is one of the most sought after Google apps for Android phones. It is the application that majority of Google users cannot do without. Get updated email correspondence wherever you are and never miss important emails anymore. This intuitive application allows the users to manage multiple email accounts. You can also save the attachment on your mobile phone for offline viewing. 

Optimize the use of your mobile search engine with a fast browsing capability using Chrome by Google. Search and browse online in fast speed by scrolling and zooming smoothly on Android phones. It allows you to sync bookmarks from your computers and browse the web privately. 
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