Cyanogenmod 9 For Galaxy Note

Team Hacksung, development group that has started working on a port of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based Cyanogenmod 9 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note reports progress and releases an experimental build for only developers and experienced users. 

Marking an important first step on the way to a stable, useable ROM, the current one is not recommended for the users not quite close to the matter to give a spin, as quite serious damage may be caused.

Cyanogenmod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra aids from many people within the Android society. It can be used without any Google application installed and does still include various hardware-specific codes, which are being slowly open-sourced anyway.

Despite the fact that reportedly, number of the problems are fixed, the current ROM remaining issues include problems with media handling and speakerphone. However more bugs are expected to be discovered as the ROM development continues moving forward.

Once the experimental builds are issued, the port is expected to enter the nightly phase, meaning that the new builds will probably hit each and every day, as the developers try various fixes out to resolve the ROMs disputes. 

However, considering all the risks involved, we advise you to wait a little bit till the official version of the CM9 ROM for Galaxy Note unless you are not brave enough to take all the responsibility on yourself. If you still decide to install the experimental version, here is the link of the official thread.


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