Motorola At MWC 2012

Motorola has never made a big deal of MWC during its entire history, and it turns out that Chicago-based Company holds the same truth for MWC 2012 as well, as there is no dedicated press conference from the company neither on the books, nor with Android 4.0-based skins. However, there have been some rumors that Google, who has the completed deal of Motorola acquisition, will make some major announcements hinted by its huge playground-like stand. Anyway, there are so much news connected to Android that the “absence” (or a passive presence) of Motorola is no big deal.

However, Motorola has inked a multi-year, multi-device partnership with Intel, prompting that each and every phone and tablet by Motorola will be powered with new Medfield, Atom Z2460 processor by Intel. With fake expectation to see Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha taking stage during Intel's press conference to demonstrate a demo phone, Intel confirmed that the new Motorola Android-based phone with the new processor and chipset will be shipped in the second half of this year. 

On the other side, Motorola Mobility’s Senior VP and General Manager of Converged Experiences John Burke has gained a moment to emphasize the importance of mobile devices to access television services. In his large interview John Burke mentioned that the company is in the process of market research which has already revealed that 70% of people worldwide are actually using mobile devices to access TV services and the change the company has talked so long is to happen right now.

Motorola seems to definitely using MWC as a platform to showcase many of its home and converge experience solutions, including: portal generator enabling users to have a very robust interface solution, fast mobile devices and secure media – HLS + content delivery solution that guarantees to securely deliver content to mobile devices.

One more thing Motorola emphasized at MWC is the social TV applications, demonstrating the outstanding experience and power of combining mobile devices in conjunction with watching TV. Another big thing showcased at MCW is a multi-screen content delivery and the importance of video services into mobile devices. Connected home app solutions were in the major focus of the speech, discussing the ability to have access to home video cameras or sensors from cellphones.

So instead of the awaited focus on hardware and new devices, what Motorola came with at MWC is the solution to “stay connected with all aspects of life” – stressing the services the company delivers. However, yet there is no reason to disappointment, as we may see the surprise from the company at any given moment till March 1.


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