This is INFOGRAPHIC about future of mobiles.
Three mobile in the UK have looked in the AMOLED ball of the future and created an infographic, all about the speed at which smart phones and mobile technology has impacted our lives.

Three have used current data to predict ways in which mobile technology will change the way we live. By 2025, Three estimate that by 2017, almost a billion of us will be connected through 4G technology. A good thing that Three are on the verge of rolling out 4G for their customers very soon!
The Future of Mobile View the latest mobile phones on Three
This infographic describes the use of Android OS,if you want to check technical insight into how Android stacks up against operating systems you should check the infographic below:

Beyond The Smartphone: Getting Embed With Android
Beyond The Smartphone: Getting Embed With Android from Hughes Systique

As wpcentral announces Mobile Nations family has a new app object this is : Windows  Phone Central for Android, it means that Android users can now download the  official Windows Phone Central app.
Those who have more than one smartphone , will be glad with this news. So you can send them  Windows phone central app and  get them introduced what offers this app. They may not know what are they missing.  Users of this app will get all the latest news including Windows Phone Central app forums- meaning for a well rounded Mobile Nations experience straight from your smartphone.

This infographic describes how to solve the battery life problems, access the internet worldwide with or without cellular and how to shop with your smartphone. Smartphone Shortcomings
The popularity of smartphones has led to advent of another segment which is vastly popular among the young brigade. Gaming is a popular option which has crept up since the advent of smartphones. This calls for sharing a list of most popular entertaining games which are available on the Android platform. Thankfully all of these come for free and you can play the same after downloading these on your Android smartphone.

1.)  Plants versus Zombies 2
In this game, Zombies approach your home thereby prompting you to create a strong defense line for the home. You will also have to use all your gardening skills to stop them over. Interesting plants by the name of Bloomerang, Lighting Reed and Bonk Choy go all out to protect your garden.
You need to play innovatively, all the while collecting coins which would eventually be used to purchase power up which is sure to add a new dimension to the game.
The point in this game is to watch as to how long you can survive in the game which has a strong action strategy component and is full of adventure.

2.)  Combat Monsters
This strategy game has been developed by Rubicon Development. You need to train combat monsters all the while using your strategy skills to defeat your enemy. You also need to defend your monsters with healing spells and collect unique cards while moving ahead.
You can play the game against your friends and checkout their strategies.

3.)  Dead Effect
This action packed games has been developed by Bulkypix. You can play as a member of unit 13 all the while moving in an intense packed environment. The task is to find new weapons and defeat powerful enemies who go all out to kill you. The challenge is to defeat the enemies and unlock all kinds of weapons which you can find.

4.)  Gravity Guy 2
This action packed game has been developed by In this game, the gravity guy is chased around by gravity troops and it falls upon your soldiers to guide the gravity guy safely away from this problem. A lot of hazards await you in the game and you need to collect coins all the while even as you unlock new power slots.

5.)  Dead Trigger 2
This free Android game has been developed by Madfinger games. You will need to fight for your life in this battle for survival in the Zombie land. You will also be required to explore distinct locations and kill people who are still alive. You will also need to go on to different missions while unlocking gadgets and new weapons.

6.)  Wordament
A unique puzzle game developed by Microsoft Corporation, Wordament is unique indeed. You can compete against thousands of players using a single board. You can make words through swipe gestures only. If you are able to find the longest words, you end up earning the highest scores and thereby make your way to the top position in the leader board.

7.)  Disney’s Ghost of Mistwood
This is a unique puzzle game which is available on the Android platform. Aunt Virginia has been kidnapped by Dark Spirits in this game and your responsibility is to bring her back safely. For doing so, you will need to explore the family’s haunted estate and search for new clues.
As you move ahead, you can customize the estate with buildings and exchange the ingredients with your friends. All the way along while searching for Aunt Virginia, you will come across new ghosts which makes the game all the more interesting.

8.)  The Mansion: A Puzzle of Games
This is a unique puzzle game developed by Com2uS. You are required to make way through each of the room and look for secrets inside the mansion which is mysterious enough. You all need to discover items as you increase the scores.
You can compete with your friends in this game and check for yourself as to who can score the highest in each of the puzzle.

9.)  Hero Academy
This action packed game has been developed by Robot Entertainment. You need to enter a magical word and take your team to victory. You can test your skills while playing this game and challenge all of your friends in different contests.

10.)  Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign
This puzzle game has been developed by D3 Publisher. You get the opportunity of leading a team of super heroes in this game and fight a strong looking force. Teams also can be created by including villains as Thor, Venom and Iron Man. As you move ahead you can unlock new characters and improve upon their abilities to overcome challenges.
All these games can be downloaded from Google Play Store and are available for free on your Android Smartphone. Download the same and set on an exploratory mission.

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After sleeping during the holidays , there’s no doubt that many people will need motivation to get up early, then you probably need app with alarm clock function. Pandora has just given app for Android phones which has alarm clock and sleep functions. Last month this app was released on iOS  mobile platform. 

Functions are mostly same for Android app. Despite of a snooze ability and a costume snooze timer app includes functions in which You can still tell Pandora to wake you up to your favorite streaming station.

You will probabaly be happy to hear that the alarm feature works in conjunction with the sleep timer. The app update does not appear to be staged and is available now on the Play Store.

With Sony launching a redesign of their Android-based Sony SmartWatch and Apple rumored to be launching the iWatch, Samsung is rumored to be working on the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch as well!

It’s the first time ever the images of the device have been leaked, demonstrating exactly what the latter of those might look like! Along with the images, the sources also suggest the device will feature:

Square 3-inch screen
4MP camera in the wristband
Speakers in the clasp
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity (connects to your phone with Bluetooth)
Uses voice commands
Preloaded with Android Apps designed specifically for Galaxy Gear
10+ hours of battery life

With this short spec list revealed, many have started criticizing the device, saying that as it does not last even a full day, no one would like to wear the device which won’t be able to at least tell the time by the end of the day. However, this feature list is not official and it is a bit early to judge the Samsung Galaxy Gear so skeptically. What are your thoughts? Do not hesitate to share in the comments below.

Sony has just confirmed that the company has already committed to bringing Android 4.3 to its latest Xperia devices. The eligible devices include Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia SP and Xperia Z Ultra.

However, there are many users still waiting to be stepped up from 4.1 to 4.2 - the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL are already getting that particular upgrade right now, while Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z will have to wait till August. The other devices that are still on 4.1, they will be upgraded from Android 4.1 straight to Android 4.3 in due time, although there is no confirmation of the date and exact devices. 

As for the Android 4.3 itself, it is not a major one, though Google added some very important features including as built-in support for Bluetooth LE, profile restrictions and content DRM. However there is nothing quite as exciting as what we received in Android 4.2. Stay tuned - more these upgrades will become available in the coming weeks.

With HTC having One and Samsung – Galaxy, LG has now G! Starting with the LG Optimus G, one of the best functional Android devices, South Korean manufacturer has confirmed the news via the official press release today, according to which not only will the name of their upcoming flagship will be the LG G2, but from here on out, all future premium handsets to come out of their factories will carry the G branding as well.

President and CEO of LG, Dr. Jong-Seok, comments:

“Our vision is to make LG’s newest G devices synonymous with excellence, raising the bar even further for the ultimate in user experience.”

Moreover, LG also announced their massive 4:3 Android devices to stick with their Vu branding, so it will be easier for non-US customers outside of the, as the only Vu to launch stateside was the Verizon LG Intuition. So the the LG G2 successor will definitely be known as the LG G3, while the LG Vu 3 is incoming as well!

It seems folks at HTC have become quite the real teasers over the past year or so. Following the path of Samsung, introducing mini versions of its flagship devices, now the Taiwanese company has published a blog post titled “Little things that pack a big punch.” The infographic embedded highlights several interesting facts, scenarios in pop culture and more where small objects and people have gone on to do big things and make big influences.

The blog post leaved the impression that HTC is teasing a certain “mini” object of their own. With HTC One Mini being rumored for quite some time, the launch of a smaller version of HTC’s 2013 flagship does make sense. HTC One Mini is rumored to be about 0.2 inches smaller than the original when it comes to screen size, making it 4.5-inches. However there has been no confirmation from the official Taiwan yet.

As for other upcoming devices, HTC might have something to show up later this summer as the company is rumored to be preparing an HTC One Max for a September launch as well. In difference with the HTC One Mini, this one is said to have a 6-inch display, a Snapdragon 800 processor, up to 64GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM and a 3,200mAh battery.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated as more details arrive. Do not hesitate to voice up in the comments.